Efficiency and Scalability
with Claymable

Unleashing the power of AI for operational excellence
and continuous innovation

rethinking efficiency and scalability with claymable
redefining medical insurance automation

Optimizing Tomorrow:
Redefining Medical Insurance

  • Scale to Meet Digital Surge
  • Deliver Per Claimants' Expectations
  • Meet the Best Compliance Standards
  • Generate Great Profits and Efficiency

Automate the Insurance Workflow with Pioneering Solutions

Effortless Claim Processing

Offer streamlined claim processing with Claymable's cutting-edge automation. From swift processing to fraud detection, our integrated solutions redefine efficiency. Say no to paperwork hassles and errors.

  • Settle More Claims
  • Zero Paperwork
  • Organize Data
  • Stay Compliant
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Document Management Redefined

Simplify compliance and audit with efficient document management by tackling paper-heavy workflows and meeting regulatory requirements. Claymable keeps policy documents streamlined, secure, and digitally organized.

  • Quick Retrieval
  • User and Group-based Security
  • Time-Stamped Audit Trails
  • Unified Document Vault
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Policy Management Made Easy

Visualize the entire lifecycle with Claymable for efficient policy management. From issuance to updates and cancellations, optimize each step to deliver personalized policies to the claimants.

  • Integrated Workflows
  • Centralized Policy Administration
  • Automated Calculations
  • Streamlined Underwriting
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Seamless Customer Communication

Upgrade your customer service through streamlined communication. Simplify interactions, enable multi-channel applications, and take your client relationships to new heights. Resolve queries with Claymable in real-time.

  • CRM and Marketing Automation
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Intuitive Contact Management
  • Email Integration
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Visualize, Track, and Excel

Preview a centralized view of your business with performance tracking to elevate customer service by visualizing key insurance metrics—it's the power of data at your fingertips.

  • Pull Automated Reports
  • Centralized View
  • Keep KPIs in one place
  • Manage Cases through the Dashboard
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Easy Product Management

Experience the ease of adding new insurance products with a single click. From sum insured to coverage detail, keep a centralized record of multiple products in one place.

  • Comprehensive Document Management
  • Detailed Product Information
  • Efficient Product Categorization
  • Real-time Updates
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Streamlined Insurer Management

Effortlessly organize and access insurer details with Claymable's comprehensive insurer management solution. Claymable keeps you in control of all essential information for faster operations.

  • Centralized Insurer Database
  • Customizable Data Fields
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Efficient Dashboards
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Revolutionize Medical
Insurance Claim Processing

Effortless Processing, Instant Impact

  • Full Automation & Legacy Elimination
  • Say goodbye to operational inefficiencies and legacy challenges with Claymable.

  • Timely and Accurate Claim Routing
  • Stay assured of timely and accurate claim routing with Claymable's advanced features.

  • Set Parallel Workflows
  • Tailor workflows by setting document review in sequential or simultaneous mode.

revolutionize medical insurance claim processing
transparency is claymable top priority

Transparency is Claymable's
Top Priority

Claymable's medical insurance claims management software promises a transparent and compliant approach, ensuring automated data validation for seamless processing

  • Transparent Claim Process View
  • Rest Easy with SLA Compliance
  • Safeguard Against Fraud
  • Data and Document Centralization
  • Detailed Insights and Reports of Claims
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Leave the Extensive
Admin Work to Claymable

Spend More Time
Settling Claims

Automate admin work with Claymable and make more time to develop business and settle claims.

Say Adieu to Heavy

Go paperless with Claymable and access important documents from anywhere, anytime, with the utmost data security.

Stay Organized with
your Data

No need to browse through shared folders and endless files; access the claim data with a few clicks.


Keep a complete history of every claim just a click away to stay compliant and assist audit teams.

Transform the Way Your Insurance Business
Works with Claymable

Talk to us about your requirements and allow us to craft the most personalized
medical insurance solution for your business.

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